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Alaina knows her cars, and she doesn’t view what she does for a living as stealing. Using all the physical attributes she has at her disposal, she merely acquires the high-end vehicles for a business partner. Although the beautiful cars turn her on, she has her heart set on a particular gem. When she finds her jewel, Alaina is pleasantly surprised by its handsome owner, Scott.Now she’s faced with a dilemma. Does she choose the man or the gem?
ExcerptThe curves were simply sensual, beautiful. Her hands caressed the hard body while they traveled over the smooth silken surface. Her heart fluttered, and tingles of excitement coursed through her veins.

Alaina had been to a number of these meet-ups and had always been disappointed. Sure, she saw some gorgeous specimens and she flirted a lot, but she knew what she was looking for and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less. But this time was different. She spied what she wanted almost immediately upon her arrival.

She knew the men watched her as she strode past them, past their Lamborghinis, their BMW’s, their Aston Martens, but they didn’t matter. She had found her jewel. Her ruby.

His deep voice flowed over her like a warm sensual bath. “It’s called Ruby Red Metallic. The sunlight does make her stand out, doesn’t it? You like Porsche?”

A faint breeze blew and picked up the scent of her soft floral perfume. She stepped a little closer to him, hoping he could smell the sexy fragrance and gave him her most alluring smile. “Like? No. I love them. They’re my passion.”

One of his brows arched up, and his eyes smoldered as they dipped to her cleavage for a moment before a smile slowly curved his lips and showed off his perfect teeth. “Really?” He held his hand out to her. “I’m Scott.”

She placed her hand in his warm powerful one and took her time to give him a once over. She noted the large hands went along with big feet and a huge bulge in his pants. This was going to prove more interesting then she first expected. “I’m Alaina.”

Scott bowed over her hand and pressed his lips to it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alaina.”

The small gentleman-like gesture warmed Alaina, and she almost felt giddy. What is happening to me?


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