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She turned on Michael. There was a cautious concern in his eyes. “Baby, what—”

She shut him up really quickly by putting her mouth over his, winding her fingers into his long, sandy hair. There was that one second where he tensed up, the shock of her forcefulness stunning him into immobility before he swooped down on her like an eagle on prey, arms surrounding her much smaller frame, winding around her back and her legs before picking her right off the floor. Instead of tossing her onto the bed like she’d expected, he slammed her into the door.

He swallowed her gasp with his mouth, never releasing her lips, and Shelley wound her legs around his hips, her sex swelling in anticipation as it came into contact with Michael’s throbbing prick.

Her hands left his shoulders. She was more than confident he could hold her weight without any of her help, and her fingers found his belt and fly.

Putting one arm beneath her ass, he used the other to help ease down the jeans he wore, kicking them away. Somehow, the fact that he was holding her up with just one arm made her lose it that much more.

She yanked her mouth away from his biting kisses. “I want you to fuck me right here, as hard as you can, to make up for all the nights we missed or slept apart.”

A low growl sounded from deep in his throat, and suddenly both of Michael’s hands were at her waist, lifting her farther up.

They were totally going to do this without her feet even touching the ground. OhGod.

Michael’s hands found the hip of her jeans, and if Shelley hadn’t gotten the button and zipper down in time, he probably would have destroyed them as he yanked them down. He wasn’t above destroying her favorite jeans to get at what he wanted, if she recalled. Her panties, however, the pretty pink lace ones with the black bow that she’d specially ordered online, weren’t so lucky.

She couldn’t bring herself to feel any annoyance over their loss as Michael’s palm and fingers started rubbing and touching her in ways she’d been handling herself for way too long.

She groaned at the shock his finger brought to her clit.

“I’ve missed you, too,” Michael said. “We haven’t done this nearly enough since we got here. Your pretty, wet cunt is all I could think about for the longest time.”

Her eyes flew wide. He was so good with just his hand and probing fingers she hadn’t been aware of closing them.

Holy shit. No one had ever said that word to her before, ever. It always sounded so dirty even Shelley only ever used it as a name she called someone she really didn’t like, but while he was doing what he was doing, his body pressing hers into the door, warm, panting breath heating her face and eyes half-lidded with lust, it was strangely beautiful and erotic. Shelley trembled as she moaned.

Michael smiled.

That one time they’d gone after Alex won his round of alpha fighting hadn’t been nearly enough to satiate what either of them needed.

She banished the thought from her mind. She didn’t want to think about anything right now, especially not how life had turned on its damned head after Pearl decided to pay them a visit. “Fuck me, please, I need it.”

She caught only the slightest flicker of a question mark behind those silver eyes before he was inside of her, and the only thing she understood was the sound of her own high-pitched moaning and keening.

Keep the noise down, keep it down, she thought.

The pulsing of her inner walls had already begun long before he decided to start up his engines and begin with the surge and retract. His cock filled her, touched everywhere inside her, and holy hot damn, did that feel good.

He couldn’t hold himself back, it seemed. Now that he was going, he was really going, hips pumping like he had horsepower to back all that strength with speed. Good, oh God, so good. She couldn’t think, and every nerve inside her was tight and pulsing and, and…

“Don’t stop,” she moaned.

He grunted a reply and kept right on moving. His rhythm slowed only briefly to allow his arms to drop away from her waist, hands moving down just to settle at the sides of her ass, should he need to catch her quickly. “Spread your hands out. Palms to the door.”

Without a rational mind, she would’ve leaped into a tub of acid if he’d commanded it. She did as she was told, then caught on to what he was doing when he began thrusting in earnest once more, and she cried out with just how god-damnably Olympic-gold-medal amazing it felt.

He was using her weight to make his pumping motions harder for the both of them. She kept her balance using her back and her hands, and he just barely held on to her with his suddenly gentle grip.

It left her almost entirely balanced on his cock, and gravity took care of the rest.

Shelley lost it right then. The door must’ve become loose on its hinges or something because she could hear a banging similar to what a headboard against the wall would make, but they weren’t in their bed.

The rest was all her and the sensations she’d fallen into—the feel of Michael’s hard body, his prick inside her, the delicious pulsing that spread from her sex to her brain and kept all thoughts of anything else away.


Posted September 13, 2011 by demlaura33

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